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Art is for everyone. Whether you are an artist, an art aficionado or a life-long art student, immerse yourself in all the resources available digitally. They say ‘Make your life into a piece of art’ and we think that starts with keeping up to date with the trends, new artists, techniques and opinions of the art world. This immersion and exposure to varied perspectives  will allow you to cultivate  your own opinions, taste and style and even create art of you own.

Shadow Show

We love a free workshop or course so stay tuned for our recommendations on affordable  digital resources you can use to boost your art knowledge and expand your portfolio.

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Who does not love a podcast? Press play on our go-to podcasts for the latest art trends, art history , interviews with artists and hot takes on the industry. 

Professional camera closeup
Art Magazine
Vegetables on Books

Our top book recommendations for classic art history, contemporary and historical global art movements, global artists’ biographies.

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