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Behind Red Curtains
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Rassa Arts & Culture Magazine is a social enterprise that seeks to democratise the art world. Inspired by ‘Tabula Rasa’ which means a clean slate, we view artists and the artworld as embodying a blank canvas and with each generation, the canvas  has the opportunity to be  filled with imagination, creative efforts and energy dedicated to creating  and exploring the human condition. 


Artists commit their lives to such exploration often wiping their slate clean to start over and view their pieces and the outside world from a different perspective.

We celebrate their journeys  telling their story from their inspiration to the most difficult professional and personal battles  to document their impact on the culture. 

Rassa also  seeks to comment on both contemporary and historical artistic creations that have created enormous socio-cultural impact by shaping the way we think, feel, relate,  perceive art and create art. 

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